Performance Running. 

UV Protection

100% UVA and UVB protection. These are the harmful rays which can damage your eyes.

Polycarbonate Impact Resistant Lenses

Polycarbonate is one of the strongest and safest materials on the market. They have exceptional strength and resilience. They will survive the impact of a steel ball travelling at 160 km/hr without shattering which meets EN/EU grade for Low Energy Impact Resistance (small particle).


  • Excellent impact-resistance - 10 times more impact resistant than other lenses.
  • Thin - About 20 to 25 percent thinner than plastic or glass lenses.
  • Lightweight - About 20 percent lighter than plastic lenses.
  • Blocks 100 percent UV rays without needing a special coating.


Anti-Scratch coating

Special coating to improve its resistance. Won’t scratch as easily as your average lenses.


Wrap Around Frames

Wrap frames with 8 base lenses are perfect for keeping dust out of your eyes as well as giving you a wider area of peripheral vision. Rubber temple tips which prevent the frame from moving on your head. Wrap around frames are secure and comfortable.



Semi-Rimless frames provide uninterrupted vision while looking down when running, cycling, walking, golfing and most other active sports. They also allow more air to circulate through the frame minimising fogging


Soft Touch Finish

Frame is made with a soft rubbery texture that is uniquely smooth to the touch, providing a comfortable cool fit and fashionable appearance.

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