About Us


Syllabification: trail-head. Pronounciation: / tral hed

The Oxford Dictionary’s Definition: (‘Noun’):  A trailhead is the point at which a trail begins.

Our definition: (‘Verb’): A individual that lives, breathes, sleeps, loves, dreams all things trail.

This is where your adventure begins.

The second you own your first item of trailhead apparel, you’ve taken the first step to your slice of adventure. From the Alps to the Drakensburg, trailhead has combined Swiss inspiration with South African pride and passion to deliver an affordable and quality solution for any individual who can’t resist that lure of the trails. Being a trailhead is not about WHAT you want to be, it’s WHERE you want to be.


We’re all about escaping the urban jungle, and swopping it for some crisp clean air on an open trail, getting dirt under feet, whilst exploring the purest form of nature. Whether it’s a trail run, hike or a good mountain bike, we don’t discriminate. We’re passionate about providing you with a brand that gets what you do, and why. If you love trails, we love you, and you’ll love us.

From the trails for the trails

As fellow trailheads, we give a sizeable hoot about the environment. That’s why we have chosen to pass on the bells and whistles of fancy shmancy packaging to wrap our premium trailhead products in 100% recyclable packaging. It’s good for our earth, which means its good for our trails. When you’re out there, keep them green, keep them clean.